Binomial Expansion

    Binominial expansion 5 a) Using binomial expansion, determine the first five terms of the expansion:                                                                                                                                                       (2mks) b) Use the expansion above to evaluate                                                 (2mks) (a) Expand and simplify the binomial expression (2 + x)5 upto the term in x3. (2mks) (b) Use

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Approximation and Errors

Approximation and errors Approximation and Errors The length and breadth o a rectangular room are 15cm and 12 cm respectively. If each of these measurements is liable to 1.5% error, calculate the absolute error in the perimeter of the room                                                       (3 mks) The length and width of a rectangle

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Role of a counselor

A counselor is a professional who is entitled to guide someone who feels not sure of what to do. Counselors are of different levels and stages. They include marriage, mental, social counselors among others. Their profession is of high demand and they are available in various institutions; they include schools,

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Equipment used for Food and Beverages

What is terminal illness? This is an advanced stage of a disease with an unfavorable prognosis and no known cure. When terminal illness strikes a person the whole family is involved becomes affected especially because of the disease process and health care experience. The patients have needs that the families are the ones who provide and care.

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Algebraic Expression

Algebraic expressions   Simplify (3mks)   Five year ago, a mother’s age was four times that of her daughter. In four years to come, she will be 2 ½ times the age of her daughter. Calculate the sum of their present ages   Mutua bought 160 trays of 8 eggs

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Angle and Planes

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