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Review and Answer question in this website:



1. Know the business 3.5 marks
The name of the business?
The company is known as Rewayah and can be found through

 The idea and the visioning process?

Rewayah Store (is an E-Commerce project )is an Egyptian e-commerce company specializing in storybook volumes for children aged between 3 to sixteen years. The primary operation of the firm is an online
retailer where prospective customers may pick from a broad range of both past and present storybooks and pay for them using e-payment systems for both the purchase and shipment wherever they are. Its main product is a variety of genres of children's stories. It does, however, offer delivery service to the clients.

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 Product and type of services.

There are numerous payment methods available, including Master Card, Visa, Mada cards, Apple Pay, and bank transfer. Delivery providers vary and are accessible to customers based on their preferences, such as Saudi Post, SMSA, DHL, or Aramex. They do not accept exchanges or returns on any goods. However, if the client receives the book in bad condition, he can reclaim the money or request a replacement copy of the book, with the firm covering the shipping costs. Consumer support is provided via the website, and all customer queries are responded to within the shortest time possible (Patro et la., 2016). Customer services may be found on the websites of the stores. The communication is via a messager, Facebook, histogram, Twitter, telephone calls, and the answer is within one hour.

Business statement.

The company statement of this shop is to exceed its sales outside of physical territory and allow its customers to be trained on the various shipment and logistic systems at their

 Business vision.

Rewayah Stores' vision is to be among the top customer-oriented businesses that
empower young children's parents to educate about and locate stuff for their youngsters that they
desire to buy online. The firm aims to be the top provider of educational resources for children in
the e-commerce sector.

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 Business objective.

The main purpose of the shop is to be the leading provider of children in Saudi and
Beyond, Great Britain.

 The money and the model to use?

The Reyawah stores business modeling approach leans to transform its traditional
expenses into income units. Their major operational endeavor is to counterbalance the high cost
of transit to external stakeholders by operating a severe capital system—more than half of the
products sold. Purchases from third-party vendors are marketplace purchases. As such, the
revenue model for Rewayah comprises transaction charges charged as a proportion of every sale.
With the e-commerce model, this store has produced a list of its books, which allows
consumers to conveniently search for their favorite books. The model also helped to reduce the
company's operating costs, because the proposed methodology takes a great deal of maintenance
(Hallikainen & Laukkanen, 2018). In addition, this model has helped the shop's goods available
with marketing and promotions. The advertising methods are quick and accessible, including
videos, better graphics and informative graphics.

 Define the revenue model. Explain how the company generate revenues.

The shop produces sales funds for books. Its primary objective is to minimize deployable and del
ivery costs for the business management.

 Name the target audience? describe demographics, lifestyle, consumption patterns, etc.

The target market and audience of the Reyawah Stores business are parents of young
children who purchase for their children the latest and engaging storybooks. Parents also
may want to improve the reading and know-how of their children. And also preschools and
schools. Preschools are very aimed at providing different stories.

 Characterize the marketplace.

The Reyawah Store creates a large market, with a semi-annual growth rate of around
thirty-five percent. The firm is now competing with other large international competitors like
Nike and Adidas, which have strengthened their dominance in their respective markets (Turban
et al., 2017). However, the concept of company structure for the formation of the markets and the
supply of services gives youngsters excellent materials.
 Towards size, growth, population, structure, competition
 Study the market for each point and give some idea

 Define the context of the company website

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The Reyawah Store company website has extremely colorful photographs of numerous
stories grouped in different ages and costs. The payment options accessible, delivery firms, and
all social networking sites on the site. The perspectives and insights of past customers are also
accessible to confirm the vision, authenticity, and distinctiveness. The contact details are also
available. Further, the websites allows users to search for a specific item or simply to
instantaneously perform their tasks. The web site has been improved and streamlined for mobile
applications. As a result, most customers visit the website using their mobile phones, which
increases the niche of the enterprise market (Rabbi, 2019). Therefore, customers can always use
a telephone, email, Facebook, Twitter and Google map to engage with the company. For
organizations, contact and location are ideal.

 SWOT analysis for the compnay

Strengths Weaknesses

– Loyalty to Customers
– Suitable relations between employees
and clients
– Reliability in the supply, supply chain
management of products and services

– Variations in margins
– Misrepresented
– No policy of refund, return, and
– No payments on delivery available

Opportunities Threats
– Prevalence between experiential – Competition of many kinds centers and shops
– Flexibility in fiscal and job policy
– Small margin potential reduction

– Uncompromising company policies
– Controversial conditions for workers

 Develop an e-commerce presence map.

The web site ( has a well-designed library with rapid responses. It
contains active content and is normally updated daily with a new product. The firm focuses on
user-generated content that involves its consumers while the search tool catalogs its website with
content revisions. According to its business models for the business, the company has been able
to target the public market, consisting of young parents of medium and middle-class trade
operations as well as young people aged between thirteen and sixteen who constitute the bulk of
internet users around the world development and service supply (Sharma & Aggarwal, 2019). So
many can ask for their goods since marketing can be done via various social media, including
Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Further, Reyawah store product has been extracted to make
the most of it through the attraction of many customers.

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2. The design of the system 1.5 marks

Business Objective System Functionality Information provided
Different books and
age groups.

The opportunities
arising of Rewayah
have been built for
simple access in
different digital catalog

Progressive text and images catalog with daily
pricing and content updates and gives optional
online access to the items.

To create book-buying opportunities that

The system features a
Kindle shop that
collects and displays

Offering information detail on each product is provided both regarding content and age, and evaluate customers learning as a critical technique for promoting children’s learning, childrens photographs. user experiences are provided under the product.

Varied content possibilities for books.

Books about the cooking part or Crewmates Story
Collection are appealing, bright, and electronic clarity. The story is anthological.

It includes both the sizes and the pricing of the books and also the form of payment.

Rewayah wants to be the market’s top provider of children’s books.

Store layout and advertising refer to the age brackets.

The firm also gives a preview of every book which its clients and other users may browse

 Areas that require improvement or added into the system design?

The stores of Rawayah have a function to add to their system development that may show
items attractively at significant discounts to get the attention of customers. The option must also
be included to pay on delivery, as a large number of consumers desire (Sharma & Aggarwal,
2019. Without compromising the Website functions, many customers would prefer a well-
designed and attractive Website. There are several more added functions. It is an attractive

3. Describe the features of current company e-commerce Website structures?

The website of Rewayah’s bookshop provides essential information; it only covers novels
and short stories for all age brackets. No information which does not relate to novels or history
books on the website. There are, for example, no news on anything else but books and webpage
improvements. The website is contemporary and uses current technology and trends. It was
designed to meet current demands with a fluid design and sensitivity of the website. Again,
mobile accessibility is sufficiently flexible to accommodate. In addition, the website has a rapid
response time; it is trustworthy. It provides customers with on-time alerts and notifications that
assist users in updating any new products on the shop. The website runs round the clock, which
customers may use at any time (Thuillas & Wiart, 2020). The website is well developed and
workable. It reflects the new company brand and tales for all ages. The website is attractive, with
great images that enable the message to shine. The site has once again been built to function fast,
accurately, and following expectations. The feature gives customers a permanent impression.

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 What are the annoying website features? Attach pictures.
 What can you do to improve the current features on the website?

The website features small letters, making reading unappealing and somewhat stressful,
particularly for individuals with eye issues. The colour of the design is unattractive; most
customers bore themselves on the sites since the website does not inspire their trust. The
websites do not also offer convenient consumer navigation, and many customers find it difficult
to traverse the website (Rabbi, 2019). As an alternative, links are added to help clients
understand the website.

The usage of visuals is used in this part to make visitors more attracted to the websites.
For example, it is possible to incorporate the company logo on the website to increase brand
identification and make the website visual. Title bars can also be used to inform users on which
page. Photographs might be produced to attract and entice people to the website. The browsing
button is added to improve the website, such as 'domicile' and "back," because these buttons are
known and people anticipate to be shown. Minimize navigation as horizontally and vertically as
customers detest it (Yaday & Rahman, 2017). When browsing, the hazards of missing details are
increasing as many users choose not to scroll down to see it. The risk of incorrect information is
more significant.

4. The company e-commerce structure
 Explain in detail all the steps from the time user enters the website until the final user buys a

 What process need improvement?

i. The user signs up for the website first.
ii. Choose the product to buy.
iii. Fill in your cart with the item.
iv. Choose where to supply the item.
v. Select the method of payment.
vi. The user may utilize a promotional coupon when relevant.

vii. Payments are made.
viii. The registration address, phone, or mailing address will be sent with a completed
transaction notification.
ix. Webpage checks out/logout.
Improvement of security procedures and password control, encrypting the whole storage
system, and configuring two-factor verification, may be done as follows: The following.
• Improve navigation procedures by adding connections to goods to make shopping easier for
users in a short time.
• Procurement procedures should be minimized so that when a product is boring, the consumer
would not weary with the various steps.

5. Website Design
Website design Evaluation

i. The site is user-friendly and enables users to explore the web pages easily.
ii. Social participation
iii. The website has a considerable influence on e-commerce sales and features social
sharing like Histogram, Facebook, and Twitter.
iv. The website offers product recommendations and evaluations because many buyers
would look for customer reviews before buying a product.

The site is not so attractive and produce small fonts that discourage users from using the site.
This means that it is difficult and not well designed for customers to online business. The color
scheme is not well-balanced to make the website attractive and attractive (Yaday & Rahman,
2017). Most clients are bored and they have a good online store like the Amazon.

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6. Company software

The Rewayah retail shop has created an e-commerce website using Weebly software. The
program allows you to add a shopping cart to the internet business and offers customer desks and
online payment access for seamless online consumers (Hallikainen & Laukkanen, 2018). Further, this program provides a remarkable feature: awesome templates, comprehensive e-mail
capabilities, inexpensive transaction fees, and a fantastic primary store value. However, it has a
bad SEO.

 Different forms of website software used to operate the different functionalities.

For designing this website, weeks' software was used. The software can add a shopping cart to m
ake your book perfect, allowing customer orders and a money transfer. This software is al
so excellent for developing this website, with strong email, easy design template, low cost even
if it has a weak SEO.

 What can be done to improve the software?

Weebly has a poor SEO, which means that it is not easy to search for engines; again, the
program has specific technical difficulties to solve. For example, page URLs are difficult; flash
usage is not a problem. It is essential to address and enhance the SEO difficulties and other

7. Payment and Security
 Different payment methods in the business?

Methods of payment are: MADA, Apple Pay, Visa Cards etc. MasterCard.
o What other methods can be added? Explain why?
E-wallet, payment by direct carrier, Prepaid cards etc.
– Cards prepayment: – This can help pay for books, particularly children and other
customers without bank accounts.
E-Wallet – This is good because it enables customers in a single wallet to maintain
personal and financial information. This is a very practical and fast and easy payment method.

 Type of technologies used on the website to obtain the online businesses?

E-commerce information can be readily disclosed, modified, denied or falsified. For the
confidence, confidentiality and authentication of e-commerce transactions, security technology must be used (Thuillas & Wiart, 2020). The Rewayah store uses encryption technology that
encrypts, fires, intrudes and detects information.
Firewalls—This store has installed a firewall to fill in and out of the store, to filter any
information that is malicious before entering the company's intranet. All data leaving the
company is again filtered and trade secrets not exposed to external authorities to ensure sensitive
information such as patents.
Data encryption—Transit data is encrypted to enable it to be securely and online, so as to
ensure that the store and its customers are secure from unauthorized customers, including
hackers, sniffers and fraudsters.
Intrusion and detection: This store is used for network security, susceptibility activities
are detected against a target. This store was very helpful and it was ensured that malicious traffic
was detected when the network attack or intrusion occurred.

Yes I can
o More technologies Used
SSL is a key protocol for preventing information sabotage, robbery and fraud. Safe layer
of sockets (SSL). Consequently, it provides communication security through business networks.
Secure Hypertext Protocol – This protocol improves data safety, helps digital signage to
be secured, encrypted and public keys verified.
The security protocol for Visas and Master Card is developed using software for digital
wallet, payment portal server, certificate authority and commercial software. It provides security
for all transactions.

What is the current privacy policy of the online store? Outline how the information is
collected and used?

i. The current online shops privacy policies include informing customers that they
gather private data.
ii. Allow the customers to choose between indoors and outside.
iii. All customers have access to information about them.
iv. Inform customers how their information is secured.

v. It is defined in the Privacy Policy how customer data is collected and utilized. The
information is collected when customers are asked to provide their details on a form.
vi. Protection of information needs to be guaranteed.
The primary purpose of collecting information should be used with the intended purpose.
o What can be added to the privacy policy? Explain why?
– How the organization collects, uses, maintains personal information – This helps
customers to have confidence in the store as to how they use their data.
– The main aim of data collection is the collection of data by the company to
analyze how users are using the site. At the very least, users are guaranteed to use
their data for the intended purposes.
– It should also be noted in the Data Privacy Policy whether the web site uses
cookies to collect personal data to enhance the functionality of the sites – certain
sites use them to spy on users so that confidence in the store is increased

The policy also should be disclosed, and business may maintain such information
forever, when a website uses messages to make sure its data is secure.

8. Categorize all marketing and advertising strategies and methods.
 The current online, offline, and social media marketing strategies of the e-commerce

i. The company employs social media such as Twitter, Facebook, and histograms.
ii. Advertisement is via digital networking.
iii. Services for emailing.
Customer testimonials where customers may share their knowledge with the online retailer and
answer their questions on the website
 What can be done to improve the marketing aspects of the business?
i. Customize the buying experience of the consumer.
ii. The retail information may be examined to correct non-productive promotional

iii. Assess and concentrate on the potential clients.
iv. Stay ahead of every new opportunity.
v. Stick to successful marketing techniques and be consistent.

9. Know your competitors. 2 marks

Amazon Book Store- (
The Amazon Books website provides connections that can assist customers in browsing on
different pages, making it more attractive and easier to explore. It is more appealing and
balanced in its bright color. The website is easier to use, and better places to contact
– It is more attractive and attractive than the website of the Riwayah Store.
– It has very elaborate navigation links with ease of navigation from one page to another.
– Great colors and huge fonts make customers so attractive
– The website has well organized features that retain more customers.

Amazon Website

Reyawah Store website

o What can be done by learning from your competitor’s experience?
A well-designed website is your initial point of sale. Together with the proper marketing
plan, the website will influence the flow of clients to your company. The reaction time for the
website determines whether or not customers are leaving the website. Any effective online
company needs to have esthetic appeal, straightforward and effective browsing connections.
Finally, essential social factors should assist customers to better engage with businesses.

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10. Conclusion and Recommendation

Every company should be concentrated on investment in a functional e-commerce
website; a well-developed website provides customers a better marketing experience. In addition,
a sophisticated e-commerce website offers a range of options; allows the company to give its
consumers 24-hours a day and clients quick service. A good site is the first point of sale for any
enterprise. In the development of a more user friendly website the store should make
considerable investments. This is because there are a number of opportunities on an excellent
website. It provides fast and efficient service to your customers and ensures a competitive edge
of your competitors.
I propose that Rewayah store design and deploy a more professional and unique website
in an attempt to restore and boost its selling base.
To grow its sales and keep more clients, I propose that Rewayah invest and upgrade its

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