Sample of Project Management Plan

Project Management Plan

Executive Summary

Kennbuons Health Center is a health facility which intends to offer all related health services. The management has come up with coming up with a recommendation of using artificial intelligence in the provision of its services to clients. The aim of implementing this recommendation is to make sure that there is effectiveness in service delivery. It is our duty, as a health center to ensure there are perfect services no matter what it takes to achieve that. The use of artificial intelligence in service came after a thorough research was done and found that it could be perfect and make work easier in service delivery. (Richman, 2017)

Determine the Project Scope

Our project will only cover health-related issues. In use of artificial intelligence, there is a need for different members. These members will carry out different tasks. There will be members who are entitled to program the system, sensors, physicality and electronic department. Programmers will ensure that the robot will function perfectly without fail. The physical look of the robot will be determined by the mechanical department. Finally, electrical and electronics will be taken care of by electrician.

Identify Tasks Milestone

Tasks in this project will be small jobs which combined will make up a project. These small jobs are done by groups of three, Programmers, Mechanical and Electricians members. The three distinguished groups help for the breakdown of our project to manageable departments. (Piscopo, 2018)


Tasks Assigned To Priority Status
Set kick-off meeting Dennis D Complete
Agree on objectives Fredrick H Complete
Detailed Request. Janet K Complete
Hardware Requests. Janet K Overdue
Final Resource Plan Janet K. In progress
Staffing Dennis D. In progress
Technical Requests. Fredrick H Not started
Testing Kenneth J. Not started
Dev. Complete Dennis D Not started
Hardware Configuration. Fredrick H Not started
System Testing Kenneth J. Not started


Allocate the resources

With all department set and members assigned to their respective group, the progress of the project is ready to start. All the groups get a planning tool for the project, there are teams assembling, and vendors among others. In this stage, every group will start formulating their parts of the project as well as organizing them.

Make a schedule

After allocating the resources, we then take the data and put on a timeline. In this phase, we can now analyze our tasks together with milestone so as to distinguish the project phases. (Burke, 2018)

List dependencies 

In this phase now, we can link up all tasks that rely on each other. We will have to automate our tasks so as to remind ourselves or to alert us when all group tasks are completed or how far the progress is as per the planning.

Document everything

After all the above stages, all information needs to be documented by keeping a detailed record about the project. The detailed paperwork will be prepared for steps from our project. Documentation will include all the timesheets as well as contracts for our team. This enhances the closing of a project correctly having everything looked at.

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