Blackhawks’ Summary – Leadership Quality

Where/What was the cause of the Blackhawks’ cash-flow problem?
What should short-and long-term solutions Rocky pursue?
What aspects of the Blackhawks’ strategy needed to be changed?
Unquestionably, Bill Wirtz had alienated many of the team’s fans. How could Rocky and the Blackhawks’ new president, Jonn McDonough, rebuild and grow the fan base?

What leadership qualities did Rocky display after assuming ownership of the Blackhawks?

The Cause of Blackhawks’ Cash-flow Problem

Blackhawk cash flow problems started when suppliers stopped demanding the company to have thirty or forty-five days to pay for supplies. In some cases, the suppliers demanded cash in advance of deliveries. Also, the tickets for seat decreased at a high rate leading the Blackhawk to suffer from inadequate money to sustain its’ facilities. More so, the continuing operation cash flow was negative for four months ending December 2009. The decreasing cash flow was as a result of high costs in both operational and administrative activities.

The poor decision made for the firing of national anthem soloist Wayne Messmer made Blackhawk unpopular with fans. However, the unpopular decision made the loved and legendary personnel to quit. The vocal talent was keeping the fans who were paying the entry fee. In addition, the team faced cash flow problems due to poor customer relations strategy including refusal to televise home matches. The marketing department took no or less effort to conduct effective marketing which resulted in a decrease in cash flow.

Short and Long-Term Solutions

The robust short-term solution should be implemented with immediate effect. First, he would quickly replace his brother’s royal friend Bob Pulford with an active person. This move would open the front office of the public who were seen as collaborators in the decline of the team. Furthermore, on focusing on the long-term solution, Rocky was supposed to negotiate a cable television contract. This deal would revive the trust of the fans as well as popularize the team among the locals.

The issue of getting sponsor would in the mind of Rocky and implemented as within the shortest time possible. More so, there was a need for Rocky to have a new president. The new president could revive and make the team popular. McDonough was switched from Cub’s president to Blackhawk to carry daily activities.

Strategic Changes that Blackhawk need

Rocky Wirtz being the chairman of Blackhawk and having complete skills of how business is done; he needs to address to reinstall fans base, rebuild revenue and bring more long-term sponsors. More so, the Blackhawk need to undergo strategic changes to bear a fruitful improvement. Strategic changes involve changing the team goals and objectives. In addition, the team should find a diplomatic way on how to achieve its’ goals and objectives.

To rebuild the new fan base, there is a need to review the marketing strategy which automatically creates income. The primary step to this strategy is to be able to analyze to define what fans would like to see in every Blackhawk game. On another issue, the team discovers new communication tactics to promote and market the organization through social media platforms. This strategy will make more fans be interested in and attending the team’s matches as well as spending money on their games.

Rebuild and Grow the Fan Base

With all times losing team, it is hard to maintain the fans match attendance. Therefore, marketing is a crucial and essential field in the winning team’s fans. Moreover, adequate and proper use of social media in this technological epoch will draw many fans to Blackhawk games. In addition, not only advertising on social media is free, but also it has convenience power to attract fans into games. Finally, the use of social media allows a team posts its score updates, sponsorship promotions, and video clips. Using YouTube, the pool of fans who missed the live action can review the goals, highlight, and analysis of the game.

Through initiating an in-game experience will pull new fans. In this way, fans will enjoy it even if the team is losing. This strategy improves intermission while giving an opportunity to get sponsors to advertise. Televising all home games will bring significant impact to fans altogether. Broadcasting home matches will eventually give fans an experience of live events. Moreover, the broadcasting rights will be affordable to the Blackhawk and continually expand the fan base.

How to attract talented Team Work

With McDonough being the president, he helps in the rearrangement of the family organization by making remarkable changes in leadership. He can show that there is potential and talented skilled personnel behind the scene. Social media and Blackhawk need to work together. The use of talented digital marketers will enhance their cooperation.

The front office has played a role in the collapse of Blackhawk leaving a gap for talented workers. Talented workers need clear goals and take immediate changes to put the business in order successfully. Furthermore, connecting a team that is ready to help each other is a step of progress that puts mind to work.

Attract Top Athletes and Leadership Quality

Rocky could attract top athletes in this environment as the sponsors of the team. Athletes could also feel good intermingling with other game’s fans. Choosing athletes as sponsors could create a good relation with fans because they could feel confident among fans.

An immediate change was necessary for Blackhawk leadership. Leadership qualities needed include communicative, decisive, committed and inspirational. A loquacious leader should be able to solve all communication issues, and goals will require honesty. A decisive leader keeps the teamwork motivated and in high spirits. A committed leader, on the other hand, is the one who leads from the front and gives duties and ensures all work assigned is done. Finally, an inspirational leader leads the teamwork to achieve the targeted goals.