Chemical Service Board – NOSOCOMIAL (N.O.S)

Defining n.o.s: this is the abbreviations for the term nosocomial, which comes from two Greek words, ‘nosus,’ which means disease, and the ‘komeion’ meaning to take care. Thus nosocomial can be referred to as the procedures followed to apply to any disease that is contracted by the patient who is under medical care.

Factors which are common to a Chemical disaster:

Human factors: According to the Chemical Safety Board, most of the industrial accidents that occur yearly are due to human errors. Most of these accidents occur because the employees fail to follow the safety procedures, which has been highlighted by the institutions where they work.

Manufacturing defects factors: Manufacturing defects have also contributed to the occurring of the accidents in chemical plants.  Some of these defects are normally present in a material or piece of equipment used. Although the companies have employed several quantity control measures, they keep failing since the worker and humans are handling them are prone to errors.

Inadequate training: Industrial accidents are more likely to occur if the personnel are not properly trained. Employees should be trained on the way equipment was designed to be used as well as how to use them. Workers should also be well versed with what they are expected to do if something goes wrong; this will enable them to address them correctly and quickly before it gets out of control.

What to do during chemical spillage:

  • While waiting for the skilled personnel to show up, I would immediately alert another worker within the area so that we can
  • Put on the respiratory protection by use of the apparatus such as the purifying respirator,
  • Wear the goggles, face shields and safety glasses of international standard for protecting eyes, and
  • We will then wear international standards, gloves, and aprons to protect our skins.

This will be followed by calling for assistance and putting up warning signs to limit access to that area where there is chemical leakage.

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