Cloud Computing Revision Quation HCIA

HCIA Cloud Computing

Chapter 1 – Questions for Discussion

  1. The following options belong to the characteristics of the cloud computing 1.0 era [Multiple choice]

A. Agile application development and lifecycle management

B. based on virtualization products

C. resource service standardization, automation

D. use virtualization technology to improve resource utilization


  1. The following description of cloud computing is correct [Single choice]

A. Cloud computing is a technology that enables anytime, anywhere, convenient, on-demand access to IT resources

B. Cloud computing in a variety of IT resources to pay to use

C. IT resources acquired in cloud computing need to be used through the network.

D. In access to IT resources process, the user needs to cloud computing Fuwu Tigong Shang repeated representations



  1. In the development of the Internet, there are many milestones, the following options for milestone events sort order is normal [Single choice]

A . TCP/IP protocol specification established – ARPANET was born – www officially opened to the public – DNS was born

B. www officially open to the public – the birth of DNS – the establishment of TCP / IP protocol specifications – the birth of ARPANET

C. ARPANET was born – TCP/IP protocol specification esablished – DNS was born – www officially opened to the public

D. the birth of DNS –   the establishment   of TCP   /   IP protocol   specification   –   the birth   of ARPANET – www officially open to the public


  1. Cloud computing is the product of the development of the Internet and computing technology, so cloud computing must be inseparable from the network. [TRUE/FALSE]




  1. The following can achieve computer virtualization in the era of cloud computing 1.0 , improve resource utilization is [Single choice]


B . Xen

C . Hyper-v

D . OpenStack



  1. If a company uses a hybrid cloud, the device that can not be used as the demarcation point between the public cloud and the private cloud is [Multiple choice]


A). Core switch

B). Firewall

C). Virtual switch

D). Flow cleaning equipment


  1. The service mode described in the picture is: [Single choice]


A). IaaS

B). DaaS

C). PaaS

D). SaaS