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Manipulation of results.

Corruption and crime, both have made many things go wrong. Read, explore and get to know more about the topic.

Manipulation of results belongs to the completion of corruption. The type of crime in this genre include spot-fixing and other related activities, to gain monetary value, and sporting value to avoid degraded. In another version, manipulation of results refers to the efforts that contradict the events, as well as complete results. Manipulation of results is not a new form of corruption in modern society.

It also existed in ancient times, for example, the provocation of the Grease table tennis to lose a quarter qualification against France in the early 1950s. In other words, the act was undue to both the losing team and their spectators. Manipulation of results to controversies in sports value, such as free and fair and open competitions, eradicate the inner meaning of race.

The Doping

Doping has been prevalence in sports since the beginning of the century. Doping refers to the presence of the prohibited substances in an athletes’ blood. The number of cases reported defined as the number of real investigations found using the unknown elements. The most known Olympics with doping cases happens in Athens in 2004, where more than 30 cases reported violations of anti-doping rules. The athlete organization has put mechanisms to eradicate this kind of management corruption. In table tennis sport, doping has ranged from players assisting others to violate the anti-doping requirement or linking with the athletes who have been violating the anti-doping codes.

In addition, doping has been a form of corruption and crime since some countries have been subjected to undergo doping testing while others have not.

The recent case of doping in table tennis involved a French player, Richard Gasquet, who tested positive for using cocaine. The International Tennis Federation has not been keen on doping leading many athletes to engage in this activity.

Bias in the election of governing bodies.

Among the notable cases of the rigging election in governing bodies include the officials having involved financial corruption and crime and attributed to violate the election to favor them. Most of these cases are prevalence in developing countries. Most of the African countries have biases in selecting the table tennis governance. For example, in Kenya, 2010, wrangles erupted among the officials, which led to a delay in participating in South Africa competitions. In 2008, the International Table Tennis Federation established the Table Tennis Integrity Unit, which makes specific rules of the election adhere to appropriate penalties are applied.

Corruption/Crime about media rights and marketing.

Acquisition of sponsorship, media, and marketing has made in a very segregating manner sidelining others. Some national teams have chosen several media firms to market the table tennis team. In connection to this, the official has taken advantage of corrupting where a large sum of money shipped to their private account. Another form of corruption involves paying the official to secure media and marketing rights. The official transacts this deal behind the scenes where clear procedures are not followed, leading to bribery. Some media receive a too large amount of which is not due following proper orders which probably own the media houses.

Individuals have also selected to market the sport across the continents and world as a whole. Too many cases the chosen people without apparent qualifications.

Mismanagement and conflict of interest

Corruption and crime, to host games and bids to host international table tennis sports events, has overwhelmed in the match, majorly in table tennis. The fraud also emerges in the construction industry. For example, the decision to determine contractor to build table tennis pitch or the places to set events.

Players transfer trade

The deal with players and their migration to other table tennis clubs has many times attributed to corruption. Some players have forced to pay bribes for the favor of joining the sanctioned clubs of their will. Likewise, table tennis managers and players’ agents have to give and to receive hidden money in exchange for other favors. Other forms include players transferring from one state to the other as well as from one club to another club, which is contrary to the legal and agreement of International Federation table tennis.

Misuse of inside information

Misuse of interior refers to disclosure inside information to any person to gain over the outcome of the game. The emergence of betting has involved all types of games. Table tennis has also included in the list. Inside information has benefited the official as well as an athlete to personal gains from betting firms and their clients. A good example consists of the Russian player placed a bet on their opponent to emerge victorious on the upcoming contest between him and England player.

In many countries, there have cases where players, who have not participated in a particular match for their home teams, understand the team information such as injuries and team facts to bet on their teams to lose. The linkage of information cannot say as match-fixing rather than misuse of inside information because there is no evidence that there was undue influence the result of the match. By doing so, the players contravened the integrity of the team for sharing inside information.

Betting as a form of corruption

The association between crime and sport has a long history. It has dated back in the 1960s .betting has been used to determine person gains over table tennis matches. Betting has linked to some critical corruption cases. These cases have influenced table tennis not only in Australia but also worldwide. In addition. betting has highlighted on modern ways of corrupting people and describe the spectrum of behaviors. These explain incidences and how it has adverse the entire sports.

The form has also brought about the internet betting. A lot of people across the globe can bet to a particular team regardless of the match location. Some table tennis players have engaged in betting where they participate by depositing money in the betting firms. The corruption, therefore, comes in whereby they are bribed by those companies to determine the outcome of the match. To another extent, the betting has influenced the spectators to engage in corrupted activities.

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