CPA Risk Management

CPA Risks Management Questions

The study examines several facets of assimilation of managing risks, which include (1) the
degree to which financial analysts participate in the management of pure and investment risk
affecting their companies, (2) non-operational forms of risk mitigation consequences and
techniques for handling a broader range of risk and (3) the impact of dependent on the size and
background of the company. The questions will comprise five main risk domains: safety,
financial, reputation, relationship, and performance risks.


a. As a family business, what is the maximum level of leverage we will use? How much of
our entire equity are we willing to put into a single investment or business? What is going
on in our competition that will influence our capitalization rate and our ability to
compete? (Frieling & Warren, 2018)
b. How does continuing to invest in our heritage company represent the most significant
investment option? What situations might necessitate a reduction in our dividend per
share? (Shayan et al., 2019).


a. What are the potential hazards in our workplace? How are we dealing with these
dangers? What kind of occupational safety training do we require? What resources will
we need to track and enhance our safety procedures over time? (Frieling & Warren,
b. What type of recovery procedures do we need to deal with a large disaster effectively?
(to keep operations safe, satisfy customer obligations, and recoup operating costs)
(Gama et al., 2020)
a. Is this a business endeavor that aligns with our family's values? In this enterprise, what
partners are we reliant on? What kind of influence may they have on our reputation?
(Frieling & Warren, 2018)
b. What cyber security threats do we have to deal with? What should we do to reduce these
dangers? Do we have a reputation that exceeds our ability to satisfy consumer
expectations? What impact do changes in cultural norms have on our business reputation?
Name the conditions under which we would quit our heritage business? What effect
would this have on our family’s reputation? (Gama et al., 2020)


a. Nonfamily-To what degree is our company's ability to produce value and compete in the
business reliant on different stakeholders? To what degree does our client concentration
put our business in danger of a revenue slump? To what degree does our supplier
concentration put our firm in danger of not satisfying our client obligations? Do we have………

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