Health Care policies and Political Process

Health Care Policies and Political Processes

How does the use of information technology in health care affect reimbursement for nursing care, evidence-based practice, and the use of data for population health?

With the innovation of the internet and World Wide Webs, the use of Information Technology in the healthcare industry is increasing at a high rate. The purpose of Information Technology provides limitless opportunities for helping accurate health records. Also, it has several advantages such as a wide range of extension, quick retrieve of facts and information as well as reduces paperwork. However, its use has got some challenges. These are like a lack of know-how and a high cost of installation.

Health Research Results

Through extensive research, it shows that reimbursement systems have limited effect on health care. On the hand, the collection of fees has a more positive impact if done using the methods. In addition, reimbursement for nursing care plays a key role in driving physician behavior. The reimbursement systems reduce the cases of corruption and wastage of money in health care.  This is enhanced due to efficient operations. Moreover, these systems save a lot of time thus health serving a large number of patients.

Health Care Technologies

Currently, there is an increase in the level of activities done electronically hence which is needed later. Due to this urgency of evidence, health cares to need a system to save information in a database. Moreover, persistent evidence can be imparted to various phases of treatment. Subsequently, each past stage evidence manages the following stage nurse for less demanding stream and quick treatment process.


Population health data plays a vital in the implementation and scheme of healthy community initiatives. Moreover, health population data is defined as any information relating to specific groups such as ethnics groups, nation, and communities. Population health data systems are used to offer patients with regular care, better sharing of information for better outcomes, and the data assist in research.