Health Information Technician in Health Care

Health Care and Health Information Technician

Computer knowledge and skills are delivered through a Health Information Technician. Critical thinking, listening actively and accurately sets realistic goals achievements. My goal for these three months financial goals is to ensure continuous monitoring of health facility activities for quality patient care. The reason to set this goal was to provide quality service delivery to the patients as far as health information Technician is concerned. My plan to accomplish this goal is by underlying successful strategies which are gearing towards achieving this goal. Some of the strategies include reducing water usage as well as energy to maintain good climate and environmental stability.

Goals and Objectives of Health Information Technician

Goal setting is a step by step techniques that begins with careful understood of goals and objectives to accomplish and finishes with a great deal of industrious work to do it. In addition, there are some extraordinarily and very much characterized advances that rise above the points of interest of every goal. Realizing these goals means will enable you to detail goals that you can accomplish. On reaching and reached the goal, one has to come to know after the realization of when he set to achieve. The specific date for completing the goal is estimated, and all work is done within the time frame set. In this case, there set time to accomplish the goal is three months. For the need of consistent follow up for the goal accomplishment, there is the need for daily, weekly and monthly assignments to be done.

Health Information Manager and Management Skills

On the other hand, in the desired job for Health Information Management and manager whose skills, knowledge, and tasks are time consciousness and morally upright. The primary objective is to establish high standards of data accuracy and is given the time frame of eighteen months. The goal was decided due to avoid errors by ensuring data were accurately collected. To accomplish this goal, I will have to employ skilled personnel who are distinguished in data collection. The realization of this particular goal will be noted when your prediction will match your results. The date set to complete this job is eighteen months. Weekly and monthly steps involve checking and comparing the results in the field and collected data.

Goals of Health Information Management Director

Finally, the desired job is Health Information Management Director whose skills, knowledge and tasks are Good interpersonal skills and delegation. The goals maintain positive internal and external relations for the organizations’ departments. The decision for setting this goal is to ensure all the department are working together and cohesively. My plan to accomplish this goal is by creating awareness in all departments that there is a need to work and relate to one another. The realization of achievement of this goal is when there is no departments is blaming the other for not performing. This goal is set to be accomplished within five years. Weekly and monthly steps involve departmental meetings for checking our way forward.

Career Goal and Financial Goal

Furthermore, my career goals and financial goals are in alignment. My plan is continuing to work and ensure the goals are achieved to precision. I am an information and technology guru and aiming at reducing the cost of labor by reducing the number of staff. Being a skilled and with long experience in the field of information I will be able to supervise and monitor very closely how duties are carried out in the realization of the goals set. Therefore, there is a need for cutting the expenses. With the career goals set, I will not adjust them. I will use my knowledge and do more research on these tasks for better achievements. In addition, there will need to look for a more related field to compare and borrow ideas and morals.

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