How to Configure Netbeans, XAMPP (MySQL)

How to Configure Netbeans, XAMPP (MySQL)

Hello and welcome to this tutorial. I am going to show you how to configure Netbeans IDE and MySQL from  XAMPP.

  1. Java Development Kit (JDK). This is an Oracle product that is used to implement either of Java platforms such as Java Platform, Enterprise Edition, and Standard Edition. It is basically the Java environment for developing and building components and applications using the Java Programming Language.  This tool can be downloaded from here
  2. Netbeans. Netbean IDE (Integrated Development Environment) is an application that enhances the developer to create Java Applications using Netbean environment. Netbeans can be downloaded from this site
  3. XAMPP. XAMPP is a localhost server that acts like an online server. Basically, anything hosted locally can only go live in that particular device. XAMPP includes MySQL, PHP, File Transfer Protocol (FTP), Apache web servers, and PhpMyAdmin. Download XAMPP from here

After downloading the three software, make sure the next following step is to install them. The installation is not complicated at all. It is as simple as counting 1 2 3…!


From your downloads, open the Netbeans software and following the steps. Click next up to the end of the installation.

Note;- Leave the installation and location settings to remain default as per now. This will help you locate your projects afterward.

The complete screenshot Of Netbean should be as figure below


Netbeans Installed Window

Again, from where your downloads are, select XAMPP software and double click it. Follow the simple steps of installation up to the end. Ensure you install with default settings. The figure below shows the complete XAMPP being installed.

xampp Installation
XAMPP Installation