Leadership in a Multinational Organization

Leadership in a Multinational Organization

Use Apple Company
Then, address the following items:
• Provide an overview of the organization and include the firm’s strategy.
• The leadership style that is associated with the organization’s CEO or top official? You may use a former CEO if you find more information on that person.
• Is the leadership style appropriate for the cultural environment of the firm? Identify any skills that the CEO possesses and any that need to be developed.
• Defend the leadership style you would use if you were appointed CEO of the organization.

Overview of the Organization and Firm’s Strategy

Apple Company is known and leading in the original software, hardware as well as internet subscriptions. The Apple Company is a mobile products dealer. The main company-consumers are the students, computer programmers, and scholars. However, the mission behind this is superiority; being the best in the market by outdoing their competitors.

The company was founded in 1976, it has dominated the field of technology from its high-quality products and services. Moreover, having a transparent core purpose, the company have been able to maintain the standard of their products as needed by the customers. In addition, the correlation between the company’s purpose and mission have enabled the provision of best and world-class products for consumers.

Company’s Leadership Style

The current CEO of Apple Company, Mr. Tim Cook, introduced democratic or participative leadership. This leadership style is the teamwork between staff and administration. With Apple Company, it took them a series of years before the then CEO, Steve Jobs, introduced a participatory management style which enhanced the growth of the company.

Appropriate Leadership Style and Skills

Currently, the Apple Company has proved to be more innovative by launching the Apple watch. Moreover, Tim Cook has created a good relationship among employees as well as inspiring them in terms of leadership. Although Tim’s leadership have more positive effects and seems to be preferable, he has been criticized due to lack of robustness and determination compared to Steve Jobs. Furthermore, Tim Cook has developed a sense of growth and performance skills. Though this is not enough, he needs to be more diverse and all-inclusive basing the sex and locales.

Leadership Style Defense

In defense of the use of the democratic leadership style, the generation of confidence is needed to achieve the goal and growth of the company. In relation, it is recommended to have highly skilled personnel delegated responsibilities into their respective fields.