1. Introduction

Thesis: Before the Year 1973, the cases of abortion in the United States were scarce. However, there were the records from the experts that at least 200, 000 to 1, 200,000 carried out illegal abortion each year. Hence, this indicated that there was a magnitude of the induced abortion for many years. In the year 1967, the researchers confirmed the above estimate by inferring data from the survey that was conducted in a random manner. They concluded that at least 80 000 induced abortion and mostly in an illegal way were performed nationwide every year. Hence, the availability of legally induced abortions in the US was gradually increased.

  1. Body
Reasons against the legalization of Abortion:

Abortion is a compound tragedy: A tragedy cannot be answered with another. At times, the circumstances surrounding the pregnancy might be tragic. Perhaps the baby has been diagnosed with a defect, or maybe the woman was raped, or even the woman’s life might be at risk. However, killing the kid will not erase the rape; the kind diagnosed with the defect cannot be cured by taking its life. And all the health issues cannot be avoided by avoiding the reality of another person.

Abortion punishes innocent persons: The crimes of a father should not kill the child. If the five years kid cannot be executed because its father was a rapist, then this should also apply to the five months, unborn child. The child should not die because her father/mother was irresponsible; the kid is innocent. The unborn child is always innocent; hence, he should never be punished. (Wetstein, 2006)

Why abortion should be legalized

Through abortion, women have been able to minimize the suffering of their child: some fetuses might have severe disorders; hence, the child, when born, will live a harrowing, complicated life. Some of these disorders guarantee death even after a severe, painful, and brief experience.

Abortion has supported the right to life: Most arguments only highlight it as the termination of the unborn child. However, there are elements around the pregnancy that can lead to complications for the lady. Most women will have complicated pregnancies; hence there is a significant risk of the woman’s life.

The other main advantage of legalizing abortion is that it prevents the harmful repercussions of illegal aborting. Before it, many women ended up dead or mutilated, and this is according to an amateur abortionist who was trying to do an abortion on themselves. The modern aborting act has become a safe medical procedure, the same as any other major surgery.


Denying the women an option to abort a pregnancy when her life is endangered would be like forcing her to be Russian roulette.

Abortion should be legalized because all women have their right to make decisions affecting their reproductive systems; thus, they should be entitled to choose whether to carry their pregnancy or to terminate as they see.

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