Project Planning – Roles played by Stakeholders and Users

Role of Stakeholders and Users

Project planning is the participation of every stakeholder and users in any development of software is essential. Both users and stakeholders are very vital throughout the project. It is very hard for a successful software development project without taking care of these critical pillars. The complete product is identified in the rapid development stage where everything moves softly from one step to the other by satisfying the user needs.

The important and most obvious contribution of the stakeholders is during the assembling of ingredients of the projects. Users do verify and clarify the efficiency of the project developed. In the realization of the best project, the stakeholder has the best know-how of the process. On the other hand, users are for testing the product.

The stakeholder is involved in the design phase of the system development life cycle. Their involvement is during the development of requirements. Stakeholders are the learned professions who design project document. They are responsible for any change to the production process while the programmers work on program codes. In the development phase, users have no role to play since they are neither stakeholders nor programs.

Users are key players in the testing phase. They are the one used by the product owner to test the efficiency of the final product. Stakeholders’ role in testing phase is to validate the correctness of developers according to their expectation. Stakeholders are also entitled to ensure the product has satisfied and met their needs as well as the objectives of the business.

In conclusion, combining the efforts of stakeholders and users throughout the project development will reduce the number of errors, minimize cost, time and make the process less painful.

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