Seven Years War of 1754 – 1763

Seven Years War of 1754 – 1763


The Seven Years War began in 1754 and ended 1763 and was one of the most important wars in the world history. The conflict was mainly between Great Britain and France and broke out in May 1754 and was as a result of contested claims by both the French and the British over Ohio Country. The Indians also fought the French in the War and that is why in some cases the Seven Year War is referred to as the French and Indian War and ended after the signing of the Paris Treaty in 1963. The war had dramatic effects on the American Colonies.


The origin and the causes of the Seven Years War can be traced back to the beginning of the 18th century which was marked with a series of conflicts among the European powers. The war was preceded by wars such as King George’s War, Queen Anne’s War, and King William’s War. The French were exploring new colonies and had moved to Allegheny and Ohio Rivers in the early years of the 1940s to spy the land. They were also trying to establish new allies such as with the Indians so as to make themselves stronger. The French through a new governor planned to build forts in Ohio Valley in the year 1753. However, they collided with the British settlers from Pennsylvania and Virginia who were spying new lands on the west.

The British Mayor in Virginia was unhappy with the moves and decided to send George Washington to confront the French and force them to abandon their mission. The French were not willing to leave and Washington organized a small troop of soldiers including some Indians with an aim of confronting the French once again. French subdued Washington’s soldiers. This was the first and serious conflict in the Seven Years War. The attack took place on 28 May 1754 and was followed by a series of conflicts between the British and the French soldiers with the French becoming victories in the early stages of the war. However, Britain comes out of the War victorious but was faced with financial challenges such as huge debts.


The Seven Years War had dramatic effects on the American colonies. Such effects range from political, economic and even social relations among the colonies themselves and their colonizers. Negative economics were felt by the colonies, and more so the British colonies. Great Britain had sunk deep in debts after the war and therefore had to adopt drastic measures in the collection of revenues to service the debts. This resulted to increase in taxation of the colonies. The assembly approved the Stamp Act, the Tea Act, and the Townshend Acts, legislation that was aimed at helping England collect revenue for both running it thirteen colonies as well as servicing of its high debts levels. Further, high discomfort due to increased taxation is named as one of the factors that resulted in the culmination of the American Revolution.

The Seven Years War changed the relationship between the American Colonies and taught them to bond against a common enemy. Prior to the war, the American colonies lived in distrust with each other but the case was different after the war. Different tribes were able to unite against the Anglo-American colonial expansion after the Pontiac’s War. The colonies realized that working together would help them win against Britain and other colonizers. This was also another factor that resulted at the beginning of the American Revolution War. The war further resulted to respect to some of the colonies. For example, expansion to the west was temporarily banned with such lands be left to the American Indians. They were given right to own land and Britain would only gain such lands through purchases.

The Seven Years War resulted to change in dynamics in American. For example, France was not done with England and returned to North America in 1778 to support the American colonies against Britain. This resulted in higher powers among the colonies against their colonizers. Deep hatred and extreme racism was also another effect of the War as the relationship between Britain and the Indians deteriorated.


The Seven Years War was an agitation between Britain and France that took place between1754 and 1763. The war was a result of conflict about the control of the Ohio country. The war which lasted for seven years had many effects on the American colonies, effects that range from political, economic, and social effects.

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