Team Building

Team Building

Team building is defined differently and according to how one wants to deliver a message. However, it is described as a coming together of people and parties for a common goal to accomplish a given task. People do come together to solve a big or small function. Team building brings people together by inspiring a group or teamwork. We conclusively say that team building can be a systematic process that is designed to increase team functionality as well as working association. These team functions are such as solving problems, conflict resolution and decision making that enables teams to overwhelm any blocking obstacles.

About the scripture (1 Corinthians 12:12), team building comprises of many people with a common goal (unit), to accomplish a purpose (they form one body). The verse is merely indicating that for successful teamwork, there must be many small groups with different duties. The groups there later combine their tasks for one big complete task.

For successful teamwork, different people with distinguished professions need to come together. Any task should be divided as per groups, and every person should join the group he/she can perform best. These enhance members to learn new skills from their colleagues and among divided groups. Hence proverbs 27:17 much related to the content of this paragraph.

To avoid boredom, tiredness and monotonous of work, any task should be done by more than one person. (Group & Video, 2016)These too minimize and reduces the errors in jobs. In the case of one member falls out, his/her colleague can take over. Hence minimizes the delay and slowness in completing a given task(s).

In conclusion, team building improves teamwork, boost performance and motivates.