The Martian video review


Watch a movie (“The Martian“) and answer the project management questions


Question #1

Distinctive start and end date venture:

The film as production has a beginning and an end.
Mark Watney was trapped on Mars, it began. Being on Mars alone, following a severe
sandstorm, Mark is in a difficult predicament. After Mark was evacuated from Mars, the film
concluded and other facts are true joined the earth. Therefore, a project has a well-defined start
and finish date, which the management team should stick to to effectively carry out the project.
The failure of a project owing to the defective objectives and directions is specified without a
precisely articulated timeframe.

Has a specific goal to be reached within the specification:

The primary purpose of Mark’s film was to come back safely from the earth. Earth people assumed Mark died. Similarly, the language barrier was still active via satellite pictures after finding it. In business and management, it is vital to understand the scope and limitations of a project to achieve success. Communication difficulties, a lack of human capabilities, a low and over-budget, and more might limit the project. Considering the scope and limitations of the projects contributes to complete project management (). Mark Watney started to plot to come back to earth after he understood his predicament and restrictions from the film.


This means combining several functions to solve an issue. The film highlights when Mark Watney uses his ability to rehabilitate his pathfinder, albeit he is a botanist. It demonstrates the ability to deal with and constructively mitigates difficulties and uncertainties. In the face of adversity, Mark continues to ensure that his focus is on the final objective. His environment continues to change, and his plans do not pass. It's recommended not
to give up as project managers if doubts penetrate and change customers thoughts. Instead, they are urged to remain and keep the team engaged in witnessing the success of the planned endeavor.

Question #2

i. Perform Integrated Change Control

Integrated Control of Change Performance is an essential project management planning procedure. There are constant demands for changes in a project. The Change Control Board will assess these modifications. Subsequently, they are executed if change requests are accepted. Project modifications are approved, denied, or processed through a process of integrated change control. The project integration management process provides a successful organizational change in projects, starting with submitting a communication plan until its execution and closure.

Integrated Change Control focuses on measuring the impact of change on all project limits.

Modifications to any project component, particularly throughout the project execution and tracking and management phase, may be requested during the venture. All modifications need not be executed. The allowed changes or refused based on their assessment and effects in the Consolidated Change Control Performance (Bredillet, 2007). Where changes are sought, the implications on project costs, performance, risks, workforce, complexity, and customer experience of the new proposal should be identified.

cause of modifications

The fundamental cause of the alterations is highly essential to avoid. Modifications are managed afterward; however, a project manager must avoid the necessity for changes. The next stage is for the transition to be identified. A project manager, the donor, the workforce, the managers, the client or other partners might be an initiator of the change. The project manager can spot differences from these sources proactively. If the modifications can be identified early,
the impact of the alterations will be reduced. The third stage is to identify the effect of the modification. The fourth stage is to request the change. An organization structure should follow the procedure. The next stage (five) is the integrated control of change.

The integrated change control seeks a response to the main question: What effect does the change have on the other limits of the project?

The first step to do to address this is to evaluate the change (Bredillet, 2007). The next step is to search for choices. The third is to verify whether the change has been accepted or refused, and the last item is the modification to the change control process to record. The Martian testifies to the necessity and irreplaceability of project management tools in connection with distant teams. While project leaders do not transfer communications routinely between Earth and Mars, they often have to connect with the world’s opponents.

Way forward

Investing in equipment that does not fail at critical times guarantees the success of the project. The Martian is a narrative about a naval catastrophe that takes the shape of a Futuristic Adventure, Ridley Scott’s film about it as an astronomer that survives on a barren planet (Leitopontile, 2015). However, while the contours do not provide shocks, the subtleties and the tonality feel fresh.

ii. Monitor Communications

The last phase in the field of knowledge management is communication monitoring. It is part of the process group of monitoring and control. Communications management comprises collecting, creating, distributing, storing, organizing, and managing project information. It is necessary to employ efficient approaches, technologies, and procedures. The expectations of stakeholders in communications management are essential (Bredillet, 2007). The process should also allow input from stakeholders, request further information and explanation.

project implementation

The monitoring of project implementation includes collecting, evaluating, reporting, and distributing information to the relevant parties. The report performance is part of the plan to control communication channels. All information required by stakeholders should be provided following their details. When creating the reports, the requirement for projects must be taken into account. The best technique for sending the notifications is to be used. How reports are
transmitted has a vital part in reading and implementing the information. The implementation plan is used to determine the foundation for measuring performance. The baseline for measuring the performance measurement can be utilized in the reports. All reports must provide the facts presented in a clear, concise, and truthful image. Not just the timetable of reports but also the costs, scope and quality of work should be included. By examining the information, it is recognized when it is necessary to recommend and take remedial measures (Bredillet, 2007). The
reviews communication devices the future.

communication means

During the storm, the primary communications dish was damaged. In the MAV, Watney’s rest carried the three other alternative communication equipment with them as they departed Mars and tried to convince Him to have died out of the storm. Watney uncovers the Mars Pathfinder, the test with which NASA lost communication in 1997 for a reason of contact with NASA (Leitopontile, 2015). While later on, they find a more accessible way of communicating
via books and films; only the Pathfinder was available for their initial contact, which causes a few issues.
After a fatal storm, the mishap that marooned Watney on Mars was broken with part of the HAB antenna. When he retrieved Pathfinder, what I asked was why he did not just attach the high gain antenna to the fully working HAB radio instead of using code. Response: It’s not as entertaining as that (Leitopontile, 2015). I chose to think he burnt the radio and merely didn’t disclose the truth that he tried to construct his antennae from the rescue wire and Twinkies.

iii. Control Schedule

The method of check schedules is to compare the actual program with the scheduled basis so that the deviations can be determined and what corrective steps can be implemented to monitor the project. The fundamental function of any measurement and control system is to monitor the change between plans and actuals and, when necessary, take corrective measures (Bredillet, 2007). In this scenario, the timetable for the project is evaluated with the timeline to
check whether the schedule has any gaps.

Project Status

Comparing project status to a planned baseline helps the project team assess whether a given project activity is on the agenda. Project managers can then design corrective measures to handle the basic schedule adjustments. It reduces the danger of the product or service being provided, particularly if it is well controlled. The procedure of the control schedule forms part of the project management continuous monitoring group. The fundamental idea of this procedure is that the modifications should be responded to and continuously monitored (Bredillet, 2007). The
project manager is responsible for this duty, and the project manager must respond right before the changes affect or impact the overall project plan.

Watney used his home in The Martian for building other stuff on the Red Planet. The dwelling space is also a refuge from the brutal Martians. On the Red Planet (Leitopontile, 2015), Watney gets oxygen by utilizing a device dubbed oxygenator that generates harmful gases such as carbon dioxide used in the fuel engine of his MAV.

Question #3


I consider Watney Mark as a champion. The explanation behind this is as follows:
i. The winner is Mark Watney.

In March, he remained with more than five hundred and fifty sols. When abandoned, it seems he's not frightened; he is starting to survive, waiting four years later for the crew’s subsequent arrival in March. He is not scared.

ii. While Watney was upset that no one knew he was surviving, he didn’t blame anybody for
this. He realizes that each shareholder has to do something to improve the initiatives.
Crew III took the most acceptable way to kill them all in March…..

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