The Use of Marijuana as Medicine


Marijuana is a color blend of green/brown mixtures of tattered, dried flowers. It is rolled up in a piece of paper and is smoked like tobacco or cigarettes. Weed is psychoactive and is said for containing tetrahydrocannabinol, THC. Debated to treat cancer, significant pain, AIDs, epilepsy, and glaucoma. Some of the dangers that are related to cannabis are lungs cancers, affect the brain as well as the immune system. I therefore strongly oppose any attempted use of marijuana as medicine due to health issues.

Three reason that contradicts my views

According to Pedro Oliveros, he argues that hard drug has the potential of curing more than 71.3 percent of chronical diseases. Sanjay Gupta on his case he is saying he apologizes for judging what he read in the articles wrongly in the United States. Finally, Joycelyn Elders evidence that use of bhang relieves kind of pain, cancers, nausea, and AIDs.

An interesting part of Pros

Pedro Oliveros helpful part is that marijuana relieves conditions such as insomnia and depression. Sanjay help to know that many countries use ‘brown’ though they don’t have scientific proofs. It’s funny, Joycelyn, saying that this drug relieves pain vomiting and cure AIDs and cancer and it is less toxic to other drugs. (Pros and Cons organization, 2018)

The key point to notice for pros

According to Pedro, marijuana is used as medicine. Sanjay points are that it is used even without scientific proofs. Finally, Joycelyn point is marijuana is less toxic compared to other drugs.

Conditions might this idea be true

These conditions might return true if practical and scientific proof that bhang can is used in all areas stated above. Conclusive research has to take its course before any use of cannabis.

We conclude that marijuana use at ones’ peril. Use it under medication not otherwise.

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