Disaster and Types of Disasters in Society

Disasters: Disaster is sudden, and it might be natural or humanmade. It can result in devastation and causing great damage both psychologically and physically. The damage caused by a disaster can go for years affecting generations to come in future, for example, of the bomb that has resulted to the birth of babies with disabilities after 50 years down the line in Hiroshima and Nagasaki, Japan.

Explain the different types of disasters experience in an environment are you familiar with

  1. Types of Disaster and Examples

Disaster is not planned for, and therefore it’s uncertain and unfamiliar, and there are two types of disasters; Natural and Man-made. Natural disaster examples are flood, earthquakes, hurricane, pone, and famine and human-made disasters are the example of war, rape, poverty, and bomb explosions. Disasters destroy humanity, and therefore they are traumatic and results in too much health effect due to loss of lives,

Familiar Environment Disaster

The most recent disaster from the environment not far from where I live was the Solai dam, having visited Subukia around February 2018, the location of Solai is precise in mind. The dam disaster that flooded on people’s house left so many families displaced, and many other people lost their lives. It is a disaster of water explosion that swept people, homes, and many properties. The blast was an unexpected event. The Solai dam disaster can be termed as a humanmade because it was made and owned by a person, and it disrupted a whole community healthy life.


The other type of disaster was the fire in a family whereby the whole family had gone to sleep and left the lamp on and had forgotten to put it off. The incident happened around Kinangop, where the light fell off as it was reported and ended up burning the whole family of both parents and two children. They were all burned to death and the house too with traces this is an example of a fire disaster that occurs around many places in Kenya and one of the most unpleased and unexpected.

Mostly, fire disaster come in the unexpected way some are by lamp candles or lighting “jikos” yet lives a mark in the families and the something environment. Fire disaster is dangerous because it starts with one house or place and spreads like the Kinangop the house that began to be on fire spread out to the neighbors, were not burned but their properties were destroyed.


The other familiar disaster has to do with short rains and seasonal rivers that flood and cause deaths. Around Naivasha area village called Malewa named after a big river, Malewa is where Gatamayu River that is seasonal takes its water. Last year but one Naivasha received rains, and it’s always a blessing from God to have rained. This one particular week almost the whole of the Naivasha area received so much rain, and the seasonal river was flooded. Around Gatamayu, students walk to school, and this specific day two boys were carried by the flood of the annual river only to be found in the big river Malewa. It was an unfortunate story because one boy was the only child and the other one the only boy. It was unpredictable because seasonal streams are not sincere, according to the people surrounding.

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