Cabramatta: People, Places and Social Differences


Cabramatta was also known as “Cabra” is a suburb located in the periphery of south-western Sydney, in Fowler Federal Division Australia. The suburb is situated in the Sydney central business district of Fairfield City. (30-35 kilometers South Sydney). According to the 2011 census of the population, the suburb had more than twenty thousand residents, including the foreigners. Other known suburbs surround Cabramatta among them include Cabramatta West, Canley Vale, Liverpool, and Warwick Farm.

Population 20780
Location 30km south-west of Sydney
LGAs Fairfield
Federal Division Fowler

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Cabramatta Ancestry 

Cabramatta has a long history of political, social, and economic background. To start with, the genesis of European settlement begun around the late 18th century. By then, European countries were invading countries and a region as a result of the Agrarian revolution. People were forced to migrate, and others deported to the area.

Notable European settlers migrated to Cabramatta because the area had heavily timbered that moonshine could not go through. The name Cabramatta first coined by the Bull family. In it, economical use the town developed where Indians built the railway and made the town loading and unloading freight and animals. Economically, since then, Cabramatta has been known as the agricultural township. Photo 2 (991530-815678433) is evident in agriculture products in the Cabramatta.

Cabramatta suburb has a huge population of Vietnamese community as well as people from another continent, for instance, people from Asian and European as photo 1 (991529-2100841030) (Refer DiversityNationality table)  shows. The second to Vietnamese in Cambodia, followed by Chinese Laos and Thailand, marks the most first five countries in that area. According to the economist in Australia, the research shows that more than 25% of the population was born abroad.

Religions in Cabramatta

In Cabramatta, the non-Christians have outnumbered the other religions. According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, Census of Population 2011, the Buddhism religion (photo 3 Vietnam1) has dominated the area followed closely by Catholic and Anglican. However, the religion statistics revealed the number of reasons for different religious compositions: they included the country of birth and ethnic background because the area has occupants from across the globe, age differences among the residents since the older population are strongly religious, and diversity of value among the inhabitants. As in the pie chart below

The Culture and language that is spoken in Cabramatta

Cabramatta is a home of many cultures with different diversity regarding words (Statistics, 2011). Communities’ diversity can maintain their languages, rituals, religion, and cultural ways. Photo Vietnam 1 is displaying a particular form of living for different people.

Different present culture in Cabramatta

The Australian government most accepts multiculturalism. Multiculturalism is merely because it creates community integration, meets diverse community needs, and address community challenges. Cabramatta suburb they have different languages are spoken varying from Vietnamese, which majorly spoken, Cantonese, Khmer, Mandarin, and Serbia alongside English which less spoken in the area.

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There is a convention belief about this location, “Cabramatta” is the fact that it is usually likely to associate with the majority of the population being Asians. However, this is not true; the majority of the population is people from Vietnam (refer to population table above).

Cabramatta has stereotyped as the center of drug barrel, which has created a bad picture of the location. However, after the NSW enforced an anti-drug squad, this has dramatically changed the location where many people engaged in different incoming generating projects.

The challenges of socio-economic and cultural differences have also been seemed to take over despite the good integration of the migrants. The mass refugees from Vietnam have had problems settling more so their families because they believed that the Australian government would offer them favorable political and economic environments where they could grow. The hostility arose as a result of the need to maintain their cultural identity, but it was frothed, leading them to differ with either inhabitant or migrants.

Even though the location has notable positive changes, cosmopolitan multiculturalism has led to some problems; it distorted local tourism because of the mixed policy established by the local administration and the exported policymakers.

Benefits/ Advantages

Multicultural diversity itself has contributed to the growth of the area and completely changed the bad image of the location.  In addition, it was noted that apart from cultural integration, another benefit has been accrued. individuals have given a chance to express themselves, it has developed persons in the potential of their community responsibility, it has encouraged the participation of different individuals in community progressing, it has nurtured respect in various cultures.

Cabramatta has developed a reputation from its well-known for street criminals, political killings, and drug barrel regions. The location has changed to a rich food deport.


In a nutshell, there is something that is contributing to these notable changes; for instance, the government policy that regulated the mandatory education to all has participated in diverting children to engage in delinquency behavior.

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