African Americans – History and Origin

History and Origin of African and Americans


           The Harlem Renaissance was known as the modern Negro (African Americans) Movement and was a cultural movement which had spanned in the 1920s and lasted until the end of 1930s. This was a unique time in History because the artistic expression of the African-American was displayed through art, music, literature as well as dance. This African American culture originated out of Harlem, New York, and it was a symbol, of unity from the slavery oppression. It was also described as the spiritual coming of the age, where African American were given a chance of expressing their creativity.


Harlem Renaissance is remembered as being a literary movement where the African American was allowed to celebrate their heritage, reveal the truth about their lives and for the first time, the African American Literature was spoken and begun to be taken seriously by the publishers and the critics.


In the early 1960s various groups such as the Black Panthers BP and the Nation of Islam NAI rose up in support for the black power, among the primary reasons for their rise was because Martin Luther King did not satisfy them since he had an adamant belief in peaceful protests. With Jim Crow gone and Vietnam looming, various former civil rights protesters lost their interest and did not have the time to continue with the Black Rights. Hence things have now begun to slow down. The Black Power movement should perhaps be blamed since it did less than it could have done; they had set unrealistic aims which became difficult to achieve. None the less, the Black Power did somewhat have success because it did a lot to increase the self-esteem among the Black people. 


 Determination to end Oppression


How African Americans have worked to end segregation, discrimination, and isolation in achieving civil rights and equality. Like most of the African Americans in early days, most of them came from stable family backgrounds, as well much home stress the importance of education and to fight for what they believe in due to the fact there were segregation and discrimination among them. Parental influence was very significant at this time (Riesman, 2015). There were many supporters such as W.E.D. Bois and other excellent educators; that had influential influencers that changed the African rights and supported all the wrongdoing such as segregation, and so forth.

Taking an example of a historical woman by the name of Dorothy Height, she considered that the African American was struggling in all areas. For instance, the discrimination of high school students has clearly stated in her book entitled Open the Wide Freedom Gates that she wrote a speech competition, and later she ended up confronting her opponent with the segregation debate, she continued, and eventually, they reached their finals being the only African American in the competition. They won their speech in an effort of overcoming segregation of the black race. They became a respectful reader of the Civil Rights movement as well as an advocate for women. She brought fundamental changes to all the racism and the isolation of what they were once struggling as a kid while growing to an adult.


They relate many of her book’s stories as anyone can change, but it just takes some little time for the change to happen to people or the community. Dorothy and the others have secured the freedom, mental states as well as desegregation for many individuals worldwide.



   As time progressed with the African American, so many other things were critical to the impacts they had on things. Among them were the armed forces, the working places, and also the general society as I have discussed above. For instance, they are taking the role of the African American at the workplace from the past to the present. During the 1920s when the Pearl Harbor war occurred, many African American women used to stay at their homes or mostly working as the slaves on the plantations taking care for the whites to earn a living to provide for their families.


These types of work mainly led to broken families because women would prefer to work rather than taking care of the family. African American did so in the past. Moving forward, some impacts that changed the role of the African American was that new jobs were created for the in the Pearl Harbor war. Both the men and women would now provide service support for the war. Mostly, the men were playing the role of burying the dead or even loading the machinery and so on for the use in battle. 

This changed over time because the African-American eventually started demanding to fight for their country as well as fighting to end the discrimination. Burger states that 2.5 million African-American men registered for the fighting draft, while as the black women also volunteered in large number. While still serving in the Army, Navy, Marine, Air Forces as well as Coast Guard, African American continued to experience segregation and discrimination, and despite all these, most of them met these challenges and persevered. They made a valuable contribution during the war, served with distinction and started earning well-deserved praise as well as the commendation for their sacrifices and struggles.


   Some examples of groups who have been considered for having changed the military and how the African-American were treated is a group of African-American pilots referred to as the Tuskegee Airmen. The developing of this particular group brought about many things, due to the discrimination, this group changed the policies of the military. Before this group and with the African-American women and men serving in the war, they were still considered as being mentally inferior, as well as being unfit for the war.


Change of Policies

As time passed by, the military policies were changed, and this resulted in African-American serving in the different system due to the formation of Tuskegee Airmen, who became the first black fighter pilots. This group changed many things which included isolation for the African-American in achieving what was fair and right. 

Eventually, President Truman at that time, signed a treaty which ended the integrating of the military; thus, all the black unit were disbanded.



The African-American role has plenty from the past to present, as stated above. Recently, there are some things have greatly changed in the present from the purposes and the achievements to which the African-Americans men, women and as a whole has done. Among these changes is the wide diversity which the U.S face today, free lesbian and gay being able to marry and be open. The selection of black President as well as don’t ask don’t tell the central policy that guides the military operations. For fairness to be established and attained, it takes people and advocates to work together, and the removal of segregation and isolation. The African-Americans and their fights from the 1920s to date have impacted many millions of people all over the world to fight for what they believe in.

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