How to Change Domain Name or Website Name

How possible to change the domain name or website name?

One option is to buy the new domain name and hosting and then rebuild your site on the new domain. If you do this, any authority built upon your first website name from backlinks, etc. will be gone. Probably you want to keep the old web name and forward all the pages to your new website, so all incoming traffic to your old site name is redirected.


There are many variations of this, depending on your hosting and what platform you are using for your website. For example, if you are using WordPress, some plugins will copy your site “clone it,” and then you can upload the cloned site to your new website, which is using the new name. You may want to call the support desk for your hosting service and ask them this question. They may have some options for you, depending on how your site is hosted.

When there is a need to change the domain name of a website, it should with a proper 301 Redirect, so that search engines know your website has “permanently moved” to “another address.”

With this in mind, be sure to contact your website hosting company and get some information on how they can proceed with it.

Do not make a direct transfer to a new domain name without going through a redirect procedure, and else you will lose all the domain authority your website has accumulated. Additionally, your new website will be considered a “copycat” of the site that was on the old web name, and all the SEO domain authority that your website generates on the new website name will still be adding to the early domain instead.

Keep your old name active for at least three to six months with the redirect active, and when search engines carry out there crawling over the old and new website, then the domain authority will be transferred to the new site name. Only then you can deactivate your domain name to the full extent.

These are the guidelines for a proper 301 redirect when changing the domain name for your website, while your website hosting company should be able to implement it through appropriate means.

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There can be various reasons to change a domain name, but make sure that you change it to something better. As all your current clients and customers recognize you with your actual domain name, so changing it should full your purpose.

Steps to change the domain name for your website are :

(1) Login to your hosting account.

(2) Go to the Domain Control Panel settings

(3) Click on the icon for the Website Builder.

(4) Click on the option, which is next right to your current Website name that you wish to change.

(5) That will be a drop-down menu, click on Change Domain.

(6) You can see a pop-up, click on choose your domain and then apply

(7) Choose and insert a domain that you would like to use for the website and then click apply.

(8) The website builder editor will get open, and it will allow you to revise the site.

(9) Done with all the changes in the setting? Click Save and Publish to the website.

(10) “Are you sure” asking pop-up will appear. Hit yes.

(11) Kudos! Finally, you are home and dry. Good to go and change your site name, and your website is also live now.


If you get a new domain, it will take a few months until you start getting organic traffic from Google. You lose a lot of time.

A domain name these days is not that important unless it sounds terrible.

A website like VideoFruit can get hundreds of thousands of visitors on the subject of email marketing, which sounds completely unrelated.

If you can, stick with your original domain name, use long-tail keywords to generate traffic. Build a new site for the unique domain and see which one does better over time.

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