Management and Leadership

Management and Leadership

P-O-L-C stands for Planning,-Organization-Leading-Controlling. They are the principles of management and leadership. The four features; planning – organizing – leading- controlling, are improved to change the world.

How has Hanna Anderson applied values-based leadership in terms of the organization’s choices related to P-O-L-C?


Planning as the key principle of management is enforced by implementing the vision and mission, clear strategies, and goals and objectives. Hanna Anderson has made an effective arrangement to serve the client’s interest. The organization has numerous foundations projects to schools and a non-benefit group which benefits youths. The organization fulfilled the interest of clients and besides the investors for the development of the organization.


Increasingly, business performance still needs good job organization. This framework entails organization design, social networks, and culture. Hanna Anderson created from the small company to the partnership with more representatives and many retail points around the world. Currently, the organization sells the items online.


Leadership, on the other hand, carries features such as ethical leadership, sound decision making, communication skills, motivation, and team or group work. Hanna’s leadership valued its employees by providing reimbursement for employees’ children. The organization leadership involved Denharts for proper decision making.


Finally, controlling is also an ethic and value-based leadership. This structure involves a good process and systems and strategic human resource. Hanna Anderson had good systems for employees working strategies. Employees in this company felt part of the Hanna family (History, Globalization, and Values-Based Leadership, 2010).


What unique challenges do family-owned and -operated businesses face?

In the late 90’s and 2000s, Hanna Anderson Company faced challenges which deterred them from growth and development. Stiff competition from other retailers and the emergence of other online companies posed challenges for the company. Family owned businesses face unique challenges such as no privacy, uncontrollable emotions among family members, and unwilling among children and grandchildren to take part in the management of the company.

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