The Case of Jayden

The Case of Jayden

Jayden liked school, but always got in trouble for getting
up and moving around in his high school class. He would
tap his pencil on the desk when he was reading, and
when doing his assignments at home he liked to walk
He did not like to follow instructions on assignments but
preferred to just get started and do the work. This
caused some problems for him because he sometimes
missed important parts of the assignments.

Jayden is now taking classes online. He wants to get his
degree and earn more money.

What general suggestions would you give to Jayden to encourage him to be successful in his online classes?

For successful online classes, Jayden is supposed to have correct expectations to avoid being caught unaware. He has to establish a good workplace. Also, he needs to know the sources of his course resources. These resources are the likes of websites, software, and updated online books and journals relevant to the undertaken course.

The other suggestion is to stay and being organized. The organization is in terms of keeping files, copies, and notes. Time management on online classes needs a schedule just as in face-face lecturer. Plan time for your online courses. You need to keep close on deadline and due dates for the online assignment.

What is Jayden’s preferred learning style? Explain how/why you came to this conclusion.

I prefer Jayden to take coded visual style of learning. With this style, he can learn through graphics, pictures, flow diagrams, and charts. This style enhances a better understanding. This style will help Jayden since it is interactive. It will help him to recall what he read unlike what he heard.

Studies are done by looking for things. Information is organized using colors. Visual studies require silence environment; hence concentration is enhanced. Jayden should adapt visual learning so to spend a lot of things to boost his memory.

How can Jayden use elements of his preferred learning style to be successful in his online classes?

Jayden choice is visual learning. He has to use some elements such as illustrations. Illustrations are used instead of pictures. They convey the message for direction and or highlight the critical information to be noted. Charts are other visual elements which will help Jayden to shown growth or trends.

Screenshots can are used for clarity or show procedures. Use info-graphics to compares and contrast ideas. The use of character images will help Jayden. Emoji and cartoons will make him so connected. Info-graphics will help him to relate the topic on hand more accurately and effectively. Use gif images are easier to remember.

Why might Jayden want to explore all three learning styles and expand his online learning approaches to include elements of visual, kinesthetic, and auditory styles?

Jayden is in need to explore the VARK learning style; Visual, Auditory and Kinesthetic. To use Visual, he will be noting keywords. Visual elements are concise. Due to the limited amount of words, the visuals are memorable. Using charts, maps and diagrams in visual learning can help him to be more creative.

Kinesthetic learning is where one learns while standing or moving. It’s preferable to Jayden for it’ll help him to grasp main ideas quickly. Boost concentration. Helps one to organize time and it gives study breaks. He uses this learning style will make him more active.

Finally, Auditory learning is done through discussions, listening to others, and verbal lessons. By working in groups, will help to have a social life. Help to make a quality assignment.

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